Timber Frame Homes Ireland

Timber Frame – The Design & Build Process In 4 Steps

Step Number 1
Step Number 1Step 1

Your Plans in Paper or Electronic Format

Your planning approval drawings are the starting point for our design & build process. These can be considered to be concept drawings as our design team produces detailed working drawings. Our preference is to receive your planning approval drawings in electronic format, .dwg, .pdf, etc. If electronic format is not available, paper format is perfectly acceptable.

Step 1

Step Number 2
Step 2Step Number 2

3D Computer Model Generated

Our 3D computer generated model is an excellent visualization tool and is a realistic representation of your new timber frame house. You are welcome to join us while we build it and to contribute to its input. Also, you can bring along friends or your professional advisor to view, offer opinion and make changes. You can take away colour prints of your model.

Step 2

Step Number 3
Step Number 3Step 3

Project Management

Schedules are prepared, workshop drawings are drafted, construction documents are prepared, materials and manpower is organized for site.

Step 3

Step Number 4
Step 4Step Number 4


Construction of your timber framed home proceeds without hitches or last-minute changes.

Step 4